CAN-SPAM Compliance

Gear Synch is CAN-SPAM Compliant

Main Points of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003:

-Outlaws the use of false or misleading headers
-Outlaws the use of deceptive subject lines
-Requires a clear and conspicuous opt-out mechanism within every commercial email
-Requires the inclusion of a valid physical postal address within every commercial email

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) will be strict in their enforcement of the CAN-SPAM law and violators may be subject to “cease and desist” orders or penalties up to $11,000 per violation. Criminal prosecution is also possible in the case of egregious offenders, which can result in penalties such as fines, forfeiture of proceeds and equipment. The worst offenders will also be subject to prison time. We know that legitimate email marketers will likely not have to worry about the consequences mentioned above but it’s important for you to know about the seriousness of this law.

What Gear Synch has done to comply:

False or misleading headers
Gear Synch does not allow the manipulation of any email header information and does not use relays to deploy campaigns. This means that anyone reading your email (recipient, ISP, etc) will be able to clearly see that your email is being sent from Gear Synch’s "DriveClick" servers. In addition, Gear Synch uses only approved and ethical channels when working with ISPs. These proactive measures are in place to ensure that our client’s emails are deployed and received successfully.

Deceptive Subject Lines
Any subject line attached to an outgoing campaign must clearly relate to the content of the email. Deceptive or misleading subject lines are prohibited both by Gear Synch and also by federal law.

Opt-out mechanism in every email
Gear Synch automatically inserts unsubscribe details to the bottom of every email sent from our system and as such is in complete compliance.

Valid Physical Postal Address
The CAN-SPAM law also requires that the “sender of the email”, (i.e. what is noted in the From Label), shall have a physical postal address within the content of the message. This postal address will appear in the footer of your emails and may change from campaign to campaign in the event that that “sender” changes. Gear Synch monitors all outgoing campaigns to ensure that a valid postal address is present.
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