Becoming a Gear Synch partner is an opportunity to increase your revenue, add value for your customers and raise your visibility by including our powerful collection and delivery tools to your product offerings.

Gear Synch offers two types of partnership opportunities:

Agent Partners
The Gear Synch Agent Partner Program is designed to drive sales opportunities, increase partner profitability, and improve customer satisfaction. Agent partners are provided with valuable products, programs, strategies, and training to help market, sell, and support email collection and delivery services. Services and billing are provided by Gear Synch, with an on-going commission model in place for partners who do not want the administrative task or costs of managing a client relationship.

Call (310) 844-6610 or email for more information.

Reseller Partners
Gear Synch offers unique partnering opportunities that give our partners the ability to provide email services as a part of their own suite of offerings. Billing and customer support are provided by the reseller partner, allowing for increased profitability. Gear Synch stays behind the scenes and allows the partner to develop a branded solution for their customer.

Call (310) 844-6610 or email for more information.

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