Fixed Ops Videos

Fixed Ops Videos is a  video library on service topics to help your customers better understand recommended services.

Fixed Ops Videos provides an opportunity for your dealership to establish a web-based video library featuring independent, powerful, and professionally produced content on service topics.

How it Works:
The video content helps your guests better understand recommended services and motivates them to take care of services you recommend. Some dealers even use Fixed Ops Videos in the service drive to assist advisors in explaining the benefit of preventative maintenance items.

Videos are viewable from the dealer's website...or in-store from customers' smartphones.

Fixed Ops Videos are hosted on our high-capacity, high availability servers. Regardless of the type of web browser or smartphone being used, our videos are compatible with all platforms to ensure the quality of the end-user experience. And videos are updated on a regular basis to reflect changes in automotive maintenance trends.

Integration with a dealer's website is easy - just "frame-in" the custom landing page we create for your dealership. We can work with your website provider to make it happen.

Want to learn more? Go to or give us a call at: 1-800-697-3806 Ext.3

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