Fixed Ops TV

Fixed Ops TV is a customized television service designed to increase service sales and entertain customers in service department waiting rooms!

How many vehicle owners actually read their ownersí manual?  Most surveys show itís only about 1%.  Thatís it!  Less than 1% of people actually read the details on how to protect and preserve what is often their 2nd largest investment. No wonder vehicle owners experience a sudden rise in blood pressure and anxiety when they visit their dealership service department - they havenít done their homework. Welcome to Fixed Ops TV -  the most enjoyable and informative automotive class in session.

Fixed Ops TVís entertaining and educational television program is proven to give your customers a more enjoyable experience while waiting for their vehicle. And Fixed Ops TV helps to boost the credibility of your business by reinforcing your training, expertise and manufacturer-based recommendations. All of this leads to increased sales!

Fixed Ops TV accomplishes this with interesting and easy-to-understand reports on virtually every vehicle maintenance, repair and part topic imaginable. Most consumers have no clue what a Positive Crankcase Ventilation Valve is or does, or even if their vehicle has one. Thatís why Fixed Ops TV speaks to consumers on their level, in their language - a translator of all things automotive.

Fixed Ops TV is the perfect tool for you to take control of your lobbyís marketing environment. Fixed Ops TV eliminates the doom-and-gloom of regular TV news, offensive and inappropriate content, and advertisements from local and national competitors.

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