Dealer Lobby TV

Customized television service for display in car dealership waiting areas, Dealer Lobby TV eliminates negative programming and competitor advertising which is often displayed on expensive cable or satellite services. Promotes dealership and manufacturer brands.

Dealer Lobby TV is the perfect tool for you to take control of your lobby’s marketing environment. Dealer Lobby TV eliminates the doom-and-gloom of regular TV news, offensive and inappropriate content, and advertisements from local and national competitors.

  • Programming is stored on a solid-state media player we send to you. If your internet goes down, it does not affect your programming.
  • We don't stream, we download the content to your secured media player at night. We download it at night so that our programming doesn't take up any of your valuable bandwidth during work hours.
  • The entire 4+ hour program is automatically updated by us every month. All you have to do is make sure the TV is on so that your customers can enjoy it.
  • The media player is sent to you ready to use (with its first months of program pre-loaded) all you have to do is plug it in to power, your TV and the internet.
  • Dealership and manufacturer content is automatically uploaded to the monthly playlist

Learn more about Dealer Lobby TV by following this link.

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