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Each year, over 40 million Americans change their home address. In that same period of time, it is estimated that as many as 32 percent of all email addresses in the U.S. become unusable due to ISP, domain, job and residence changes.

Then there is the pervasive issue of inaccurate or inconsistent data entry of customer information into the DMS by dealership personnel...Taken together, customer record turnover and data entry errors result in less effective postal and email contact initiatives.  Over time this translates into less revenue for the store. 

So how do you address this problem? DMS Wizard keeps the postal and email records in your DMS up-to-date and usable by extracting your customer postal and email address records, correcting, appending, and validating as necessary, and then writing the data back to your DMS database.  DMS Wizard incorporates the following processes every month in conjunction with customer record extraction and pushback:

NCOA (National Change of Address) processing ensures the postal address for your customer is complete and accurate.  This reduces undeliverable mail and can prevent duplicate mail pieces from being sent to the same customer at different addresses.

CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) certification is a process the USPS developed for ensuring postal mailing list addresses are complete and accurate. CASS certification of all postal records in a dealers' DMS qualifies bulk mailings for postage discounts.

Email Validation Processing identifies email addresses which are undeliverable and removes them from the DMS database.  This, in turn, can reduce email marketing costs, improve sending domain reputation, and improve the accuracy of marketing metrics.

Email Append Processing identifies those customer records without valid emails and attempts to locate a permission-based email from our data partners (Equifax and Acxiom) based on the customer name and postal address. 

By searching for customer addresses on a monthly basis, we often boost overall email collection for the dealership to 50% of all records within 12 months. Support your customer contact initiatives with quality data that reduces costs, increases revenue, and improves daily operations.

DMS Wizard is your tool for obtaining and maximizing the customer record data used by all your third-party applications - and customer record data that is your most valuable corporate asset. DMS Wizard is available for ADP and Rey/Rey platforms only.  DMS Wizard is GLB and CAN-SPAM compliant.

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